The ISIS Adventure Puzzle Series updates and Australia, and the world.


Postby Sadebeepnun » Sun Feb 15, 2015 3:34 am

Greetings! Fellow adventurers, puzzle-lustians (def.: A person filled with lust for puzzles) and glancers at this "what's this crazy Aussie upto now" post! :)

I must take this opportunity to apologise. Here's me, bull in a china shop, over this adventure, and, I have failed to even do a meet and greet!

Very unlike me. As, I always love to meet new, and interesting people. And here, I have stumbled into an International community! :)

So, I'd love to hear from you! Your stories of this adventure, how you found it (or in my case, how IT found ME), personal stories, talk about the weather, the colour of your shoes....anything! :) (please, I have 2 children under 3, if it's not about Bob the Builders latest fiasco, I'll take it).

There are places I will not tread in these hallowed halls.
The 500 club (I think I saw a member from there who had made near 2k worth of posts!),
and of course, all the next levels of this fine challenge (my Ramisis is due tuesday!).

What this says to me is, this wonderful, oniony layered like journey has heaps of history, avid adventurers, and a ship load (ha ha) of stories!

I'd love to hear them, there is no turning back for me now, I'm hooked, and it makes it all the better to have an established, knowledgable group of puzzle-lustians to chat to! :)

Cheers and, Engage! :)
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Re: Introductions

Postby Riteaidrob » Sun Apr 05, 2015 12:16 am

Hello and greetings from Aurora, Illinois USA! I have recently just purchased my ISIS puzzle. I have no idea what I have gotten myself into. the encryptions are killing me. I have no prior history on decoding and have been working on figuring out how to decode things. unsuccessful on which tool was use to encode so decoding is bit of a tough spot right now. With every way of encoding a message I have found so far none have worked and next choice is just trial and error. As far as hobbies I love brain teasers and puzzles. Trouble I was having was that most are too easy found the ISIS while going to dinner with my brother and Sister-in-law. I loved the way it looked and loved the challenge of "world's hardest puzzle." Currently working as a Paramedic in Las Vegas, NV. If you have any suggestions or other hints as I do not make enough to blow an additional 10 dollars on decoding sheets. haha hope all is well and look forward to hearing from you soon!
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Re: Introductions

Postby baerenhof » Sat May 04, 2019 8:04 pm

Hi you down under!!!! I hope you are still alive! No messages after this Post!!
You vanished in a black hole I presume??? Like most of the forum members:((
I´m very disappointed in this whole Isisadventure! No new places to search for, no activaty in the official Webshop, Just promises about "the fifth one".
Asking for investments of a total of 50.000 Pounds!! Who is investing his/her money on the conditions mentioned??? You can be a puzzlefreak, this does not mean you are crazy, isn´t it. And of course just promises of a release in November 2019. (it was expected 2018)
IMHO Sonic games is just selling out the Puzzles in Stock and then dissolving the company. Maybe the chocolate business is giving more profit;) Although the chocolate beans will be very expensive in near future:(
As you can read, I´m very disappointed in the Isisadventure, still love the puzzles I bought. (NO regret)

AND AUSSIE? Where did you go? How was your puzz adventure? Or are you really lost in your beautiful country?
Cheers from Germany
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