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Postby neilsc » Wed Apr 18, 2007 9:30 am

For the benifit of anyone missing their clue book, please find the 10 encrypted clues below.



1. jp wqfht ups csij bqqz jmq zrstfqn xkohtf tpnjmlknai

2. zfxjx vjx v rdanxj qb nvoo nxvjmrpt mrtmex zfx Mtmt

3. grb yfqq ytfzdmxj wfm fqrfsj yt ctfze dmjdet, ykg sbk mtte gb ctfz gcztt yfqq ytfzdmxj du sbk rfmg gb hzbxztjj

4. rsm xvhbw ehj wncazfw exm hzr tser rsmn cvbsr wmmc rz am

5. libybnmk brq Nznz nm ym ymbndfidponzq sibnim onff nmnbnyffh eq lqcgnlqj orqm hig dym rqyl brlqq eyff eqylnmkz

6. lkkb bokeeyiv qjk bcrivko riqyc yq uycc gicm fkbokee ecyvjqcm, qjye uycc yifyphqk qjhq mgr jhtk erppkeezrccm okhpjkf qjk jhczuhm eqhvk
7. ewf Vivi vi p btzev uvbfqivhqpz xtrrzf ih ihbfevbfi ewfof vi p ovjwe apn tx pqu ihbfevbfi p aohqj apn tx

8. gxplaz lc lya Xpxp qzm haav tclqlxZb xl fzlxg bcap kfxal, ocf nqo yqua lyaz ncuam cz lya ictn yqgirqo plqba

9. nuq dqmj oshonm dogrjogr jlf loschon mjoxf gregvojuw hgjl zqmj jlf wgxlj iwfmmqwf gc nuq owf xugrx ju iwuxwfmm ju jlf rfbj mjoxf

10. bt deg wrbpn deg rjqc gphelncs wrc Bmbm, icpwhd excp wrc Bmbm ad wgupbpi wrc wex rjht lhelnzbmc.
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Reason: corrected clues 1 and 10 - also SW typos in clue 6
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Postby colin » Wed Nov 07, 2007 2:30 pm

there seem to be several typos here on clues 1, 6, and 10 unless this really is how the clues are spelled out in the book. got anxious waiting for an Isis so had a crack at these but got confused several times with the typos
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Postby SavinIris » Wed Nov 07, 2007 5:32 pm

If all else fails you can just go to the TSI website... the clues are in the owners manual which is a PDF..
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Postby ChadH » Wed Nov 07, 2007 6:08 pm

From memory, there were a few typos in the original clues - a bit annoying, but still doable. - My wife's business. Check it out!!

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Postby Cocovanna » Fri Nov 23, 2007 4:11 pm

Clue 1 above should be Jp wqfht ups csij bqqz jmq zrstfqn xkohtf tpnjmlknai
Clue 10 above should be Bt deg wrbpn deg rjqc gphelncs wrc Bmbm, icpwhd excp wrc Bmbm ad wgupbpi wrc wex rjht lhelnzbmc

Clue 6 have typos from SW
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Postby iconoclast » Mon Dec 17, 2007 11:57 pm

The tsi spheres seem to have slightly different clues. Mostly just some rewording of the UK clues, but in some cases one set or the other is less vague on a particular point.
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Re: Clues

Postby LouIsis » Fri Jan 04, 2008 5:00 pm

Clue 8 above kept me thinking my English was poor, but now I see it is slightly different in the PDF (UK version), it should be:
Gxplaz lc lya Xpxp qzm haav tclqlxzb xl fzlxg xl bcap kfxal, ocf nqo yqua lyaz ncuam cz itcn lya yqgirqo plqba
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