Can't enter password guess.

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Can't enter password guess.

Postby whitetiger777 » Sun Sep 28, 2014 7:00 pm

So I wanted to enter a password guess for a pyramid and I see that I get 1 try every 3.5 days. However when I entered my guess all I got was a message that I don't have any password credits. I haven't entered a guess in forever, and I payed my yearly fee to be a part of this, now do I have to buy credits to even enter a guess????
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Re: Can't enter password guess.

Postby Orko » Sun Sep 28, 2014 7:53 pm

Mhm, strange i just checked that but it works fine. Maybe you should drop a line to evilkeen or andrew to check your account. :roll:

ps: the password for the new pyramid is not : WTF :lol: :lol:
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Re: Can't enter password guess.

Postby Flo » Mon Sep 29, 2014 1:43 am

This is normal: you have 1 try every 3.5 days only if you travel to a real pyramid and speak physically to the pyramidkeeper. If you choose a virtual pyramid, then you can enter -free-1 attempt a month, if it´s wrong the pyramid is locked for 30 days.

The password checker needs credits. You can buy them if you are not sure about the right password and if you don't want to pay for a travel in vain.

I hope my explanations are clear enough :wink:
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