Looking to Buy a Copernisis Extreme

The area for discussion about the Copernisis, the 3rd puzzle in the Isis series.

Looking to Buy a Copernisis Extreme

Postby Benjamin765 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:18 pm

Hello All! I am looking to buy a copernisis extreme to complete my collection. I'd prefer if was unsolved/unregistered, but I will consider all opportunities! I had one, but made the mistake of parting with it!

Isis: Opened 5% club
Ramisis G2: Opened 5% and 1% club
Copernisis: Opened 5% club almost 1%
Copernisis Extreme: Opened
Tessarisis: Opened 5% club
Tessarisis Marbles Edition: Opened
3x3 Speed Cube: 16.7 Seconds...just had to add this! :)
Isis Ramisis Copernisis Tessarisis 5%
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