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Frequently Asked Questions
Before contacting us, please check our frequently asked questions.

Is the Isis Adventure free to enter?
Registration on this website is free and will enable you to start your adventure. You can download instruction booklets, purchase clues, and access our dedicated user forum of over 2000 members. The forum is heavily used by our members, and offers lots of extra infomation and advice. You will also get the latest updates from the inventor himself (aka PUZZ).

If you would like to play one of our online games or competitions, you will need to pay a small membership fee. The membership fee helps us to maintain the high standards that are expected by our members. The fee is £5.00 per month or £25.00 per year.

I have registered my Isis, but have not received the email containing my username & password?
Answer: Please check your Junk/Spam folder. Sometimes our emails are mistakenly treated as Spam and therefore never make it into your email Inbox.

I have forgotten my password?
Answer: You can now use our automated password reminder service. Please click here

My isis did not come with an instruction booklet?
Answer: We no longer distribute paper instruction booklets. To download a PDF instruction booklet, you will first need to register your isis on this website. Once registered you will be sent a username & password. Use these details to log into this website. Once logged in, the PDF instruction booklet can be found by clicking the 'Your Adventure' link.

I have opened my isis puzzle. How do I put it back together?
Answer: For those that manage to open the isis, we provide detailed instructions on how to reset the isis. To access these details you will first need to log into this website and enter the key code (the code inside the isis). This will activate a link called 'Isis reset instructions'.

I have tried to put my isis back together, but think I have broken it. What can I do?
Answer: We now offer a repair service. For more information, please visit our online shop

I have bought a decryption file or password credit, but these have not been added to my account, even though PayPal has charged me?
Answer: This can happen if you do not click the 'Back to Sonic Games' button within PayPal after purchase is complete. Your account will be automatically updated by clicking this button. Clicking the 'Back' button in the web browser will not work. We do not email you any decryption files. Purchased decryption files should be visible by clicking the 'Access Decryption Files' link within your account.

Please contact us so that we can update your account manually.

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